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Delinut Roasted Almond Ice Cream

  • Delinut roasted almonds – ¾ cup
  • Condensed milk – 400 g
  • Whole milk – ¼ cup
  • Heavy cream – 500 ml

Fancy an ice cream on a sunny day? Homemade ice cream is the best you can prepare if you grab a packet of Delinut roasted almonds. Delinut almonds, roasted without oil and preservative-free, come in plain, smoked and salted variants.

With just four ingredients, one can prepare crunchy and delightful Delinut Roasted almond ice cream. Here’s how.

  • Blend half of the Delinut roasted almonds and whole milk to a smooth paste and transfer to a bowl.
  • Add to the bowl condensed milk and whisk well
  • In another bowl, whip heavy cream till it thickens and add half of it to the almond-milk mixture.
  • Add the rest of the heavy cream and fold.
  • Transfer this to a loaf pan, cover and freeze it for two hours.
  • Chop the rest of the Delinut roasted almonds and two hours later, after the mixture sets, add the chopped Delinut roasted almonds to it.
  • Fold them to ice cream and place it in the freezer overnight.

Delinut Roasted Almond Ice cream is ready to be served in a cone or as scoops. If required, you can garnish the ice cream with chocolate chips or almond slivers.

Easy and fun to prepare, Delinut Roasted Almond Ice cream can be a yummy homemade treat you give to your friends. Place your order for Delinut roasted almonds at the website www.delinutshop.com. Hurry!

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